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Administration of the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Program

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Joint Report
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Yes (agency-wide)
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Funds for Better Use


In addition to using available ITIN Policy Section resources, coordinate with the other IRS business operating divisions to identify additional resources to assist with ensuring that on-site compliance reviews of all high-risk CAAs are completed.

Require the ITIN Policy Section to periodically review both vendor and IRS provided forensic training to ensure that the training instructions are adequate and consistent.

Develop an electronic or online Form W-7 application that would allow for immediate control of the application and supporting materials and reduce data entry and transcription errors during processing of paper applications.

Complete a study to determine the feasibility of developing a tool for ITIN applicants, similar to Where’s My Refund?, to check the status of their application.

Determine if projects to modernize the ITIN Program should be added to the Inflation Reduction Act Project Status Dashboard. If ITIN modernization efforts are added to the dashboard, ensure that target milestone completion dates are identified.