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Please choose the option that best describes the nature of your waste, fraud, or abuse issue.

Please visit the hotline form to enter your complaint.

All submissions must have an IRS employee named with a detailed explanation of the allegation in order for preliminary investigative steps to be taken.

Please select the issue that you want to report:

Due to pending updates to IRS Publication 1075, please report all incidents directly to the IRS Office of Safeguards at SafeguardReports@irs.gov. There is no longer a requirement to additionally report these issues directly to TIGTA. TIGTA will work directly with the IRS Safeguards program on reported issues and will not respond back directly to your agency unless necessary.

TIGTA OI conducts a comprehensive investigative program. OI's investigative program focuses on three primary areas of concern:  employee integrity; employee and infrastructure security; and external attempts to corrupt tax administration. To learn more about TIGTA's investigative mission, please click here.

Examples of specific allegations that should be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Attempts by taxpayers to bribe IRS personnel.
  • Extortion or misuse of position by IRS personnel.
  • Assaults and/or threats by taxpayers against IRS employees.
  • Schemes involving the use of computer technology or mail that impersonate the IRS or IRS personnel.
  • Misconduct by tax practitioners (falsification of qualifications, theft of IRS tax remittances, and theft of IRS tax refunds). TIGTA does not investigate tax practitioners who prepare fraudulent tax returns. 

File a report if you believe you have information that falls within TIGTA’s investigative jurisdiction.

By phone:

By mail:
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
Hotline Team
P.O. Box 23291
Washington, D.C. 20026-3291