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Are you are interested in pursuing a career that can make a difference in the lives of all Americans as an auditor, special agent, computer specialist, or attorney? If so, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is the place for you!

    Team gathered around a laptop working collaboratively.


      TIGTA's primary organizational functions are the Offices of Audit, Investigations, and Inspections and Evaluations. TIGTA's Offices of Chief Counsel, Mission Support, and Information Technology support TIGTA’s primary functions.

      TIGTA's audit and investigative activities are designed to:

      • Promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in administering the Nation's tax system.
      • Protect the IRS against external attempts to corrupt or threaten its employees.
      • Prevent, detect, and deter waste, fraud, and abuse in IRS programs and operations.

      Learn More!

      Each office within TIGTA has developed a hiring flyer describing their office and what they look for in applicants.

      How to Apply

      TIGTA's job announcements can be found on the USAJOBS website.

      Need help navigating the Federal application process? Making the Job Application Process Work for You! provides applicants with important information as you prepare to apply for a Federal job.