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TIGTA Offices

We maintain audit and investigative programs, including a strategic enforcement program emphasizing deterrence and detection approaches to ensure the highest degree of integrity and ethics in the IRS workforce. Activities of the Offices of Audit, Investigations, and Inspections and Evaluations are supported by the Offices of Mission Support, Chief Counsel, and Information Technology.

TIGTA’s organizational chart can be found here.

TIGTA’s Office of Audit (OA) identifies opportunities to improve the administration of the Nation's tax laws by conducting comprehensive, independent performance and financial audits of IRS programs, operations, and activities to:

  • Assess efficiency, economy, effectiveness, and program accomplishments.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Prevent, detect, and deter waste, fraud, and abuse.

The audit program is comprised of reviews mandated by statute or regulation, reviews requested by congressional committees' members and staff, and reviews identified through OA's planning and evaluation process. We strategically evaluate IRS programs, activities, and functions for consideration in our Annual Audit Plan, which is published every October. 

Learn more about OA's organizational structure.

Matthew A. Weir
Acting Deputy Inspector General for Audit

TIGTA’s Office of Investigations (OI) has the unique responsibility to conduct investigations that proactively and reactively protect the Department of the Treasury’s ability to collect revenue owed to the Federal Government. In order to achieve this, OI administers investigative programs that protect the integrity of Federal tax administration and detect and prevent fraud and other misconduct within IRS programs. This includes investigating allegations of criminal violations and administrative misconduct by IRS employees, as well as protecting the IRS against external attempts to corrupt or threaten its employees.

Learn more about OI's organizational structure and investigative mission.

Trevor R. Nelson
Deputy Inspector General for Investigations

TIGTA’s Office of Inspections and Evaluations identifies opportunities for improvement in IRS and TIGTA programs by performing inspections and evaluations that report timely, useful, and reliable information to decision makers and stakeholders.

TIGTA's inspection and evaluation oversight priorities are presented in the Inspections and Evaluations Program Plan, which is published every October.

Inspections are intended to:

  • Provide factual and analytical information;
  • Monitor compliance;
  • Measure performance;
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and operations;
  • Share best practices; and
  • Inquire into allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Evaluations are intended to:

  • Provide in-depth reviews of specific management issues, policies, or programs;
  • Address Governmentwide or multi-agency issues; and
  • Develop recommendations to streamline operations, enhance data quality, and minimize inefficient and ineffective procedures.

Russell P. Martin
Deputy Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations

The Office of Mission Support (OMS) is our administrative arm. OMS provides a variety of management services to enable our organization to accomplish its mission effectively and efficiently. Additionally, its employees oversee all administrative services that the Bureau of the Fiscal Service/Administrative Resource Center provides to TIGTA. Under the leadership of the Deputy Inspector General for Mission Support/Chief Financial Officer, OMS consists of three directorates: Facilities Management and Support Services, Finance and Procurement, and Human Capital and Personnel Security.

Mervin Hyndman
Deputy Inspector General for Mission Support/Chief Financial Officer

The Office of Chief Counsel provides legal guidance for the full range of TIGTA's activities. Legal guidance may involve the scope and exercise of TIGTA's authorities and responsibilities; audit and investigative techniques and procedures; the impact of proposed and existing legislation and regulations on IRS and TIGTA programs and operations; and legal issues that arise in the conduct and resolution of audits and investigations. The Office of Chief Counsel also provides legal advice related to internal administration and operations and reviews subpoenas issued by TIGTA.

In addition, the Office of Chief Counsel’s Disclosure Branch processes requests for records maintained by TIGTA made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Gladys M. Hernandez
Chief Counsel

Lori L. Creswell
Deputy Chief Counsel

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides information technology products and services that support the successful accomplishment of TIGTA’s mission and strategic goals. OIT has responsibility for TIGTA’s telecommunications network, technology standards, information security, and integrated application development. OIT also ensures compliance with Federal statutory, legislative, and regulatory requirements governing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of TIGTA’s information technology systems, services, and data.

Richard A. Varn II
Chief Information Officer

Ammar S. Ahmad
Deputy Chief Information Officer