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Office of Audit Business Units

Compliance and Enforcement Operations (CEO)

CEO reviews tax reporting, filing, and payment compliance across all types of taxpayers (with the exception of tax-exempt organizations). CEO focuses on all activities concerning compliance with and enforcement of tax laws and regulations, including oversight of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation.

Management Planning and Workforce Development (MPWD)

MPWD provides mission-critical support and assistance to the Office of Audit in meeting its plans to address issues confronting the IRS. MPWD’s responsibilities include strategic and annual planning; quality assurance; recruiting, training, and professional development; performance budgeting; and advanced data analytics.

Management Services and Exempt Organizations (MSE)

MSE reviews a wide variety topics such as procurement, financial management, human capital, facilities management, customer service, and tax-exempt and government entities. MSE also reviews several offices not covered by other divisions within the Office of Audit, including:

  • the Taxpayer Advocate Service;
  • the Office of Chief Counsel;
  • the IRS Independent Office of Appeals;
  • the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; and
  • the Office of Research, Applied Analytics and Statistics.

Returns Processing and Account Services (RPA)

RPA reviews activities related to the preparation and processing of individual and business tax returns. RPA’s work focuses on areas such as tax law implementation; taxpayer assistance, education, and outreach; and, the detection and prevention of improper refunds.

Security and Information Technology Services (SITS)

SITS provides oversight of the IRS’s information technology by evaluating areas such as cybersecurity, systems development, and information technology operations.