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IRS Scam Resources

Avoid Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-related scams by protecting yourself and others!  It's important to remember:

  • The IRS will generally first contact people by mail, not by phone, about tax-related matters.
  • If the IRS does contact you by phone, they will not insist on any prepayment using an iTunes gift card, prepaid debit card, money order, or wire transfer.
  • The IRS will never request personal or financial information by email, text, letter, or any social media.

Below are resources to learn more about IRS scams:

  • Contact us if you believe you have been a victim of an IRS impersonation scam.
  • View videos for TIGTA's public service announcements.
  • Watch this webinar, as TIGTA partners with the Department of Justice's Elder Justice Initiative.
  • Review TIGTA's press releases and alerts (March 5, 2021 and June 10, 2022).
  • Download TIGTA's IRS Scam Impersonation Scam Poster.