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Opportunities Exist to Improve the Accuracy of Information in the Centralized Authorization File and Increase the Use of the Tax Pro Account System

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Create a method to collect the identifying information of authorized individuals as part of the application for a CAF number. For authorized individuals who already have a CAF number assigned, create a method to collect identifying information during subsequent authorization requests.

Ensure existing authorizations linked to the seven CAF numbers that the IRS identified as fraudulent are merged to the newly assigned CAF numbers.

Review the 5,088 potentially invalid PTINs and take appropriate actions to update the CAF database with accurate PTIN information when appropriate.

The Commissioner, Wage and Investment Division, should coordinate with the Office of Online Services to conduct directed outreach encouraging the use of Tax Pro Account to submit authorizations. These outreach events should include steps to identify why people are not using the system, in addition to providing information to help taxpayers create an online account.