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June 22, 2022

David Barnes

TIGTA Announces New Senior Leaders

WASHINGTON – J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), today announced changes to the Agency’s senior leadership team.

Heather M. Hill is the new Deputy Inspector General for Audit, Russell P. Martin is the new Deputy Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations, and Trevor R. Nelson is the new Deputy Inspector General for Investigations.

“All three individuals are long-time TIGTA employees who have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the integrity of the Nation’s tax administration system,” Inspector General George stated.

Heather M. Hill

As Deputy Inspector General for Audit, Ms. Hill will lead a program that conducts independent oversight audits of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). TIGTA audits make recommendations to improve Federal tax administration and address IRS management challenges in the areas of data and employee security, computer modernization, tax law compliance and complexity, human capital, and improper and erroneous payments.

Ms. Hill previously served TIGTA as Deputy Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations, a position she has held since November 2019. She previously served as TIGTA’s Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Management Services and Exempt Organizations and as the Director, Special Tax Matters for TIGTA’s Office of Inspections and Evaluations.

Prior to joining TIGTA in 2011, Ms. Hill was an analyst at the Government Accountability Office, where she worked on a range of energy and agricultural issues as part of the Natural Resources and Environment team. She also led investigations into fraud and abuse of government programs, as part of the Forensic Audits and Special Investigations team.

“Heather has had a long career in Federal oversight and has consistently excelled,” Inspector General George said. “I am pleased to have someone of her caliber in this vital position.”

Ms. Hill replaces Michael McKenny, who is retiring after 30 years of service at TIGTA and its predecessor, the IRS Inspection Service. “Mike is a highly respected member of the Federal Inspector General community whose audits have helped improve tax administration,” Inspector General George said. “Under Mike’s guidance, the Office of Audit timely delivered over 1,450 fact-focused audit reports that identified over $227 billion in financial benefits and presented significant recommendations aimed at helping the IRS achieve its mission.”

Russell P. Martin

As Deputy Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations, Mr. Martin will oversee a team that provides a range of specialized services and products, including quick reaction reviews, onsite inspections, and in-depth evaluations of major IRS functions, activities, or programs.

Mr. Martin previously served as the Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Returns Processing and Account Services, a position he has held since March 2013. In that capacity, he oversaw audits of the IRS’s customer service activities, outreach efforts, tax law implementation, taxpayer assistance, notices, and submission processing.

Mr. Martin joined the IRS Inspection Service, TIGTA’s predecessor agency, in 1989 as an auditor in Andover, MA. He has held numerous positions within TIGTA, including Senior Auditor, Audit Manager, Director, and Acting Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Management Services and Exempt Organizations.

“During his years of service as an audit executive, Russ has repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge of the IRS and its operations,” said Inspector General George. “I look forward to working with Russ as a member of TIGTA’s senior leadership team.”

Trevor R. Nelson

As Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, Mr. Nelson leads a program that fulfills TIGTA’s statutory mandate to protect the integrity of Federal tax administration. The Office of Investigations protects the IRS against external attempts to corrupt, threaten, or interfere with its employees, infrastructure, or programs as well as more traditional investigations into fraud, waste, and abuse.

Mr. Nelson was appointed to the position in March 2022, after initially acting in the role when his predecessor, James Jackson, retired in August 2021. He previously served as the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Special Investigations and Support Directorate. Mr. Nelson has been a manager at TIGTA since 2008. He began his Federal career with the United States Air Force in 1994 after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy. He served three years as an Air Force Security Police Officer, and four years with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations prior to joining TIGTA as a Special Agent in 2001.

As an Air Force Reservist, Mr. Nelson returned to active duty for approximately one year following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In 2008, he became the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Strategic Enforcement Division, where he served until becoming the Special Agent in Charge of the Cybercrime Investigations Division in 2016.

"Throughout his service at TIGTA, Trevor has demonstrated the qualities of an effective and able leader in one of the largest and most important components of our organization,” said Inspector General George.