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July 27, 2022

Arizona Man Sentenced in Jamaican Lottery Scheme

On June 3, 2022, in the District of Arizona, Sheldon Shaun Hibbert was sentenced for conspiracy to commit money laundering.

According to the court documents, Hibbert was involved in a scheme to obtain money from victims who were informed that they had won substantial cash prizes in a sweepstakes lottery. In furtherance of the unlawful scheme, Hibbert and his co-conspirators sent fraudulent letters and other communications purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service and lottery companies. The victims were told that before they could claim their prizes, they had to pay taxes and fees. Two victims interviewed reported estimated losses totaling more than $1,070,000 in connection with this scheme in 2015 and 2017. At least one victim reported making payments directly to Hibbert via cashier’s checks and wire transfers. Between February 2015 and October 2015, Hibbert made 18 money transfers totaling $34,158 to individuals in Jamaica, indicating that Hibbert was acting as a money runner in this scheme.

Hibbert pled guilty and was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment, property forfeiture of at least $196,523, and three years of supervised release.

Source:  The facts in this case narrative come from the following publicly available documents: D. Ariz., Crim Compl., filed June 20, 2019; D. Ariz., Indict., filed July 24, 2019; D. Ariz., Arrest Warrant, filed June 20, 2019; M.D. FLA., Removal Order, filed July 1,2019; D. Ariz., Plea Agr., filed November 12, 2021; and D. Ariz., Judgement in a Criminal Case, Imposed June 3, 2022.